Terms of use

Date of Last Revision: November 2009

The English translation of this document is provided for informational purposes only.  In case of differences, the only legally binding version and by which your relation with T-Box Planet is governed, is the Spanish version of the document = (found here).


Welcome to the T-Box community, an educational network that connects you with teachers and students in schools all over the world.  T-Box connects the teacher to the student’s world through the use of new technologies thus providing the educational process with dynamism and interactivity.
The T-Box Service is provided by Technology Box, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates.  Using or accessing to the T-Box Service implies the user has read , understood, and agrees to  the Terms of Use. Upon agreement, the user is bound to the terms of use.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or delete portions of these Conditions at any time and without prior notice.  The continued use of T-Box services after any such changes constitutes the users’ acceptance of the new terms.

We respect our users’ privacy rights and we expect the T-Box Planet Service users to respect those of other users as well.
If you enter another user’s site through the school network or circle of pals, you will only have access to the information the owner has decided to share.  Using or accessing the private information of any T-Box Service user (including profile information) is only possible by using the account owner’s username and password.  Accessing the private files  must only be done with the account owners consent. In these cases, it must be clarified that the one granting access is the account owner and not T-Box Planet.

School Affiliation
To be part of our educational community, please contact us via electronic mail at info@tboxplanet.com, or by phone at (503) 2505-8269. Our personnel will provide  you the information and assistance required.

School Account Registration
In order to register your school, our personnel will contact you or your school's Information Technology manager.

User Registration (Students, teachers, and parents)
The user registration process is carried out by the school and assisted by our support department.  It may be done by uploading the school roster using a format deemed convenient by the school principal (sections, grades, etc.) or by registering users individually. 
Data must be precise and updated.  All information will be handled with strict security and confidentiality.
The account is non-transferable and it may not be shared once registered; the user is the only one responsible for the security of the account. If you have reasons to believe that your account is no longer secure, please inform us immediately at soporte@tboxplanet.com.

Forbidden Behavior
When using and accessing the Tboxplanet service, you guarantee and agree not to:

If during the use of our platform you receive offensive comments or any type of harassment, write us to the address abuse@tboxplanet.com detailing the inconvenience. In this way, we can analyze the situation and proceed to block or suspend the account of the infringing user in case it deserves it.

Users that participate in or facilitate any of the foregoing activities  share the same responsibility.
T-Box has the right to revise, edit, validate, or approve any user content.  T-Box, at its sole discretion, may remove or block access to any user content.

“User Content” means any photo, text, link, audio, video, mail, file, wiki, webquest, edublog, collaborative project, message, or any other information that you post through the T-Box Service.
We respect each user’s intellectual property rights. If any user copies information of another T-Box Planet member for purposes other than enhancing the educational process, we will proceed to promptly suspend, delete, or disable the user that infringes intellectual property policies.

In case of intellectual property claims or reports of abuse of electronic mail messages, please contact us at our technical support link in the home page of the site.
If you are a user whose content has been removed for allegedly infringing someone else's copyright and you believe the removal is a mistake, please contact us at soporte@tboxplanet.com and submit your case with the title “Right infringement claim”

Other Considerations

Circle of Pals or Colleagues
Once a user allows another T-Box network member to be part of their circle of pals (or colleagues in the teachers’ case), they authorize that member to enter their site, visualize the rest of contacts in their circle, and even open any public files which have been uploaded.  The account holder is fully responsible for allowing other users to access the site using the method described above.

Ownership and Property Rights
With the exception of the users’ personal information and files, all the services, methodology, on-line help, manuals in hard copy and/or electronic format, DVDs, CDs related to the T-Box platform provided to users (students, teachers, parents, and technology managers) through the www.tboxplanet.com site or physically (through any printed or digital means) are property of Technology Box, Inc. and/or its licensors and are protected by intellectual property laws and other property rights (including copyrights, registered trademark and patent laws) and any other applicable laws.  
T-Box Planet and all logos are registered trademarks of Technology Box, Inc.  With the exception of what has been expressly authorized in written form by Technology Box, Inc., the user commits not to sell, license, distribute, copy, publish, publically display with commercial purposes, change, modify, edit, adapt, create derivative works or make unauthorized use of material, content or brands. 
Technology Box, Inc. or its distributors will grant an amount of licenses to each school to be assigned to users (students, teachers, parents and administrators).  These licenses will be distributed by the persons in charge in each school and activated by users upon accessing T-Box.
License numbers are unique and are included on the CD contained in the set of materials (Book + CD) provided to each user.  Once the user registers his/her license, its validity is verified and then access is granted to the T-Box community and services.

The license assigned to each user is non-transferable and can be entered only once.  Activating the account on T-Box servers allows the user to access to the T-Box Planet community anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, all year long.

A Scraper is a website that copies all of its content from other sites using automated methods.  In the last few years, scraper sites have proliferated at an amazing rate, so much that editors of original content feel uncomfortable and search engines are increasingly taking care of properly identifying the site to which that content belongs.
Spam, junk mail, or sms junk are unsolicited bulk messages, generally related to advertising, that damage recipients in one or several ways.  Spamming is the act of sending such messages.