¡Enjoy the theater! – Makeblock Neuron Level 2

We are glad to inform you that the project “Enjoy the theater!” is already available, which is level 2 for the Makeblock Neuron technology. This project combines interestingly the robotics, programming, art and emotions to offer an interesting adventure to students under the STEAM focus.

Students use programmable electronic blocks and other materials to design artists who will perform fun actions in the theater, including a clown, a magician, a mime and a trapeze artist. With these characters, they learn about the brain and the basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear and disgust.

They program sensors to define the behavior of the robotic model. For example, they use the Funny Touch (contact sensor) to control the acrobatics of the trapeze artist. In addition, they use basic structures to optimize the programming of the models, such as operators, conditions and counters.

The project is available from TBox Academy and has all the necessary resources: teacher’s guide, introduction video, website, demonstrations, videos with examples of models and work files.


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