, we provide schools with a complete and updated proposal in the area of technology for all levels.

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About Us

TBox allows you to offer your students relevant, dynamic and integrated learning experiences in their environment.

At TBox we take the advantages of technology to meet the challenges of today’s world. We provide the essential elements for schools to have concrete innovation alternatives.

Technology curriculum
Educational platforms
Consulting and training


TBox offers different solutions so that schools take advantage of the best technology available to them.

T-Box Jr


It uses technology as a tool to facilitate creativity, exploration, logical-mathematical thinking and play in the educational process. It includes:

  • Didactic strategy
  • Educational materials
  • Platform on the internet
  • Training and assistance

T-Box Robotics


Robotics Bee – Bot:
Robotics for the little ones! Students program a robot bee to complete various challenges related to topics of educational interest, which facilitates the application of sequences, estimates, directionality, spatial location and problem solving.

T-Box City


It facilitates the use of technology tools for students to solve real-world tasks. T-Box City offers alternatives for students to reflect on and apply their rights and duties as citizens in the digital age.

T-Box Robotics


Robotics WeDoLearning adventures with emphasis on the development of logical-mathematical thinking. Students solve challenges by building and programming robots with LEGO WeDo.

Robotics NXT Educational projects for students to explore concepts of mathematics, science and other areas. They design robots with sensors, motors and various mechanisms.

Robotics EV3Computational Thinking put into practice to solve robotic missions in areas such as emergencies, sports or art.

T-Box Plus


Students expand their skills using various technology tools in educational projects related to current issues. The T-Box Plus projects are organized in series or categories, such as: productivity tools, design, programming and databases, among others.

Students can choose for international certifications backed by Microsoft and Adobe. They support their academic training, earn credits for future studies and open their options for better job opportunities.



T-Box Robotics


Arduino RoboticsUse of “open hardware” for students to explore concepts of electronics, programming, mathematics and other areas.

Robotics StudioProgramming of several robotic models in a real and virtual way, using a graphical programming interface and simulated scenarios.

T-Box Planet


Platform that provides teachers and students with their own space on the internet. It allows to share educational content in various formats such as blogs, wikis, audio, images, video and more.


T-Box School


Online tool that enables the management of grades, attendance record, visualization of student records and codes of conduct, among other functions. T-Box School is easy to use, flexible and fully compatible with mobile devices.

T-Box Academy


Learning platform designed to create, publish and follow up educational proposals based on active methodologies, such as Project Based Learning or Flipped Classroom. A platform designed for innovative educational methodologies.


T-Box App


Communication instantly! With the app they take better advantage of services such as news, school calendar, newsletters, documents and homework. The information generated by each institution immediately reaches the mobile phones of the members of the educational community.

Educational methodology

TBox works with the methodology of Learning by Projects. Significant experiences are promoted through a sequence of activities enriched with technology that allow completing a task or solving a problem.

The didactic strategy designed by TBox provides a clear path to perform the methodology of Learning by Projects. Students complete the projects following the four stages of the strategy:


TBox is based on the following educational principles:



Learning by doing
Make learning fun
Encourage meaningful learning
Assess authentically
Offer a safe and supportive environment

Through the educational proposal of TBox, students are expected to develop and reinforce the following competencies:



Creative and relevant use of technology
Efficient and responsible management of information
Problem resolution
Effectively communicate ideas and opinions

International standards

At TBox our educational community expands through 7 countries in Latin America with more than 117 schools.