February 13, 2019

At the doors of the fifth industrial revolution

According to Lic. Ana María Herrarte, TBox board member, in her note of La Prensa Gráfica, The fifth industrial revolution, when she heard a reference about it, she thought it was a mistake that they referred to the fourth industrial revolution, for her surprise it was not a mistake we are at the doors of a new industrial revolution.

“I was shocked to think that when we are just trying to understand the fourth revolution, the fifth one is coming. I reminded of one sentence: When we had found all the answers, they changed the questions “affirmed Lic. Herrarte.

Fourth industrial revolution background

It refers to the technologies connected to the internet (internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, the cloud, robotics, augmented reality, drones, etc.), and which is also called Industry 4.0 or intelligent industry.

What is the fifth industrial revolution?

According to Andrés Silva Aranciba, specialist in digital transformation, the fifth industrial revolution will be much faster and more scalable, and will be adopted by many more people. Refers to collaboration between robots and people, 3D printing, wearables, virtual assistants, robots, cars without driver, among others, everything will be available and make lives simpler, faster and more productive.

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