June 20, 2019

Software development and videogames the careers of the future?

The world has changed the study and professions, the incorporation of technology has modified the way we interact and work in the world today.

Several professors around the world are analyzing this topic, one of them is Andrew Harris, who recently visited El Salvador, he suggests that when choosing a career, people should have their “eyes open” to identify where the prospects are headed of work.

A revealing fact is that the list of jobs in natural sciences, 11 graduates for each job, while in computing there are 6 different jobs for each graduate.

An example of this is the video game industry that has gone on to create more jobs than the film and music business together, billing 211 billion dollars and growing 7% in the last 3 years. This is because about 17 million people have played video games in the last year.

El Salvador has not been left behind and is that the national company The Stonebot Studio presented its latest title at the famous technology fair in Los Angeles, California. “The Last Friend” will soon become the first Salvadoran video game to be distributed on the platforms Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Steam.

How do these changes impact education?

Due to this growing demand of people who are dedicated to this industry, the educational offer has modified their careers and pensum around the world, at present there are already a good number of universities with careers oriented to the design and development of videogames. The skills that require a videogame designer are complex, perform functions of data analysis, graphic designer, code programmer, development of interpersonal relationships for collaborative work and international validity.

The videogames market has new challenges beyond entertainment, such as teaching and learning, in various subjects such as medicine, aviation, stress management, among others. It’s a wide road, the best part is that it will be fun.

Communications, the resolution of mathematical problems and the arts among others will always remain indispensable, since robots will only replace routine tasks, however, creativity remains an exclusive quality of the human being, for the moment.

In TBox we have creative projects for children and young people to design and program their own video games. Also in Código TBox our robotics and programming event,  young people from different institutions in the country participate creating videogames with a special theme. See the competition bases at: https://www.tboxplanet.com/web/codigo/

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