January 8, 2019

T-Box App: means to connect the educational community

T-Box App facilitates communication between members of the educational community. For example, schools can send news, events, newsletters, homework and more in real time to parents.

How does it work?

Following simple steps, the content is generated by the administrator of the school’s platform or by the teachers. Immediately, this content is sent to the users notifying them through the T-Box App. In addition, the app has an instant messaging service that allows a conversation with the available contacts.

Example of sending and notification of school homework (spanish):

The application has four main sections:


  1. Agenda: here all assigned school assignments and events published from the school appear.
  2. School: presents information of interest such as news, newsletters, school calendar and institutional documents.
  3. Student space: access to the T-Box Planet wall and the main options of T-Box School, in case the school has this platform.
  4. Messages: the last section of the application allows you to send and reply to text messages with contacts in the community that are linked to the active user.

What is needed?

  • A current account of student, teacher or parent.
  • Download T-Box App available at iOS or Android


Observe the following demonstration of the main options of T-Box App (spanish):