Applied Technology Projects 

With T-Box Plus students expand their skills using various technology tools in educational projects related to real and concrete issues.

What is T-Box Plus?


The T-Box Plus proposal includes: didactic strategy, educational materials, internet platform, training and assistance.


Students solve their projects by following the T-Box didactic strategy composed of four steps: research, explore, build and apply.


The T-Box Plus curriculum facilitates the application of technology with activities that promote meaningful learning for students in the upper grades.

What areas does T-Box Plus include?

T-Box Plus educational projects allow the application of different technological topics related the real world, being relevant and meaningful to students at higher levels.

The areas of study are:

Productivity applications

Web design and multimedia

Databases and programming

Useful online tools

The contents of T-Box Plus are based on the international standards of ISTE, Microsoft and Adobe. At this level students can take MOS certifications (Microsoft Office Specialist) to validate their knowledge.

Some examples of projects are:

Multimedia presentationsAdvertising campaign
Mobile applications programmingEcoApps
DatabasesInventory control
Introduction to programmingMathematical calculations

What materials does T-Box Plus incorporate?

Activity book 

Contains of a series of practical activities that allow students to complete each of the educational projects.

Teacher's guide 

Contains everything a teachers needs to plan and prepare each of the activities proposed in the educational project.

Mini-encyclopedia or website

Is the information unit of the project. It includes the main concepts of the technology area, as well as the subject of application.

Work files

Templates, documents, presentations, images, sounds, videos and other electronic resources required to complete the activities.


Demonstrations that show step by step how to perform key processes in the programs used during the project.

What are the benefits of T-Box Plus?

T-Box Plus facilitates the student: 

• The development of technology competences to qualify for international certifications.
• Information management, measurement and control skills.
• Creativity, innovation, critical thinking and teamwork.
• A technological profile to compete in the world of work. 

What are the technical requirements?


• Processor speed: 2 GHz or higher.
• RAM: 2 GB or higher.
• Available hard disk space: 5 GB or more.
• Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768.
• Devices: Speakers and mouse. 

• Dedicated connection to high speed internet.

To teach the T-Box Plus curriculum any of the following operating systems can be used:

• Windows 7 Professional
• Windows 8 Professional
• Windows 8.1 Professional
• Windows 10 Pro

• Google Chrome (latest version)
• Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
• Opera (latest version)

Note: Web browsers must have the Flash "plug-in" to adequately reproduce some Virtual classroom resources such as mini-encyclopedias and tutorials. 

The software required for the development of the T-Box Plus curriculum will depend on the projects chosen by the school.

Elija entre la gran selección de bloques prediseñados más recientes: intro a pantalla completa, carrusel bootsrap, control deslizante de contenido, galería de imágenes responsive con lightbox, desplazamiento de paralaje, fondos de video, menú de hamburguesa, encabezado fijo y más.

Help demonstrations

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Access and use of the Virtual classroom
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